We started 37 South out of the desire to have well-designed and built apps in the hunting and outdoors space. We're building products for sportsmen and the guys and gals like us – those that love to hunt, fish, and experience everything the outdoors has to offer.

We're careful about the apps we choose to build. We're not looking to keep you on your phone when you should have your eyes watching a food plot or scrape. We're not building another social network for hunters or running ads that try to sell you other brand's hunting gear. We're not forced to compromise on our ideas to maximize profit for investors or shareholders.

How We're Different

We're focusing on solving common pain points that we've ran into outselves. Some of these problems are small, some are big, but what they all have in common is that they're important enough issues that we've decided they're worth doing something about. And we're not limited to one of those problems – we want to tackle them all. Woodhaven has over 100 different calls and now sells ammunition – why can't we work on a few apps?

Our apps complement and enrich your time outdoors, not distract you from it. We hope they make you a better sportsman, and that your interest in them supports us enough to keep doing what we love.

We also work hard to make sure we're listening to the folks that use our apps. We're easy to get in touch with when you run into a problem, and we're open to new ideas and suggestions. It goes a long way for our customers, but it also helps shape some of the most important decisions we make with our products.

And finally, the most important thing about us is that we use the apps we build. Not only do we use them, but we also rely on them.

Maybe we're not that different, but that feels different to us.

Simply put, we're just a small team spending our free time in the off-season trying to make the hunting season better for all of us. We're bootstrapped – that means we haven't taken any money from the outside. And everything is designed by us, built by us, and supported by us. It's all made in America (in the south specifically), and we're proud of that.

We hope you find some use in the things we make.