Topo Contours

Purpose built apps for hunters and sportsmen

We're a small team building apps for hunters, sportsmen, and other outdoorsy folk like us.



Building the perfect arrow can be a bit of a science, so we created a scientific arrow calculator to help you build the perfect arrow.

Hunters often talk about arrow speed and energy, but FOC is a term that is getting more and more consideration these days. With Grains you can quickly calculate total weight, FOC, speed, and energy.

Shooting Light

Shooting Light is a hunting clock that lets you know when legal shooting light is. It'll also show you how many hours of legal light, and you can enable alerts to notify you when it starts or ends.

We've also added a scheduler to make it easy to plan a hunt. Just figure out when you want to start the hunt, then add how long it takes to get ready, drive, get to the spot, etc., and we'll tell you when you need to get going.


“ Thanks for the great hunting apps. Most of the apps I find are old and don't work very well. It's great to see someone doing small, simple, hunting apps. “
“ What took me so long to find this hunting app? Shooting Light is a great tool that I can use on every single hunt. “
Bow Hunter
“ I've used arrow calculators online, but Grains puts it all together in an easy to use tool. The team behind it has been easy to get in touch with and is very receptive to feedback and suggestions. “
“ Typically I'm against hunting apps, especially when they do too much. I try to stay off my phone in the woods, but Shooting Light is an exception. It's a simple extension of a basic wrist watch, it's essential for me now. “