Topo Contours

Purpose built apps for hunters and sportsmen

We're a small team building apps for hunters, sportsmen, and other outdoorsy folk like us.



Packing for a hunting trip or even just a family camping trip can be a stressful task. We've all made the mistake of forgetting something important while packing for a trip.

We said "never again" and built Vitals — a simple app to build and keep track of your packing lists for hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping, or any other adventure you find yourself packing for.


Milkweed is a weather app purpose built for hunters and other outdoors men and women. Every feature was added through the eyes of a hunter and tested on a hunt.

Get easy access to the weather around shooting light, scan the weather across the upcoming days and hours, and setup simple hunt countdowns reminding you when the season starts and ends.


Building the perfect arrow can be a bit of a science, so we created a scientific arrow calculator to help you build the perfect arrow.

Hunters often talk about arrow speed and energy, but FOC is a term that is getting more and more consideration these days. With Grains you can quickly calculate total weight, FOC, speed, and energy.

Shooting Light

Shooting Light is a hunting clock that lets you know when legal shooting light is. It'll also show you how many hours of legal light, and you can enable alerts to notify you when it starts or ends.

We've also added a scheduler to make it easy to plan a hunt. Just figure out when you want to start the hunt, then add how long it takes to get ready, drive, get to the spot, etc., and we'll tell you when you need to get going.


Managing trail cam data doesn't have to be a pain. Patterns makes tracking and reporting on your trail cam sightings simple and powerful.

Track sightings and report movement based on moon phase, hours, camera location, and more. Profile specific deer and pick the right location and time to hunt.