The Best Hunting Weather App

Milkweed is the best weather app built for hunters and sportsmen. It's a dedicated weather app, not a feature baked into an existing mapping app or other tool. We purpose built it, tested it, and refined it – and now you can use it on your hunts and other outdoor activities.

Trusted Weather Info

Our weather data is sourced from WeatherKit (formerly Darksky), which is Apple's own weather service. This data is some of the most accurate and trustworthy in the industry. We wrap it up nice and package it in a way that is easy for sportsmen to consume.

Weather When It Matters Most

We're not meterologists, we're hunters and sportsmen – we care about different things. Wind is a pretty big deal for hunting. Temps, the ones you feel on your skin, not just the ones you can measure, they matter a lot too. Barometric pressure, moon phase, rain forecast, they all play a role in your hunt, fishing trip, hike, or anything else you do outdoors. And they matter most when you're actually on that hunt or trip, so we put that front and center.

Shooting Light

Our app Shooting Light started it all, and it's only fitting that we bring shooting light into our weather app, so we did. You can see when shooting light is and how much time is left until it starts or ends. You'll also see the temps around shooting light and any important weather details for your hunt's first and last hours.

Season Countdown

Keeping track of how much time you have left to scout or counting down the days until the season starts is a great way to find more time to be out in the field scouting, so we added a season countdown to Milkweed. It also counts how much time you have left in the season. That way, you can quickly see how many months, weeks, and days you have left to get that big buck.

Built for Hunting, Great For Everyday Use

Milkweed was built for hunting and outdoor use, but we also built it to be a generic weather app for everyday use. We hope it'll be your EDC weather app because it's that good, and it will only get better as we log more hunts, fishing trips, hikes, and everyday use!