The Best Packing List App for Hunters and Sportsmen

Vitals is an app that was born from bad experiences. We've all forgotten something when packing for a trip — do it enough times and you'll figure out a way to avoid it. We thought we could solve the problem in a simple and useful way, and Vitals was born.

Pre-made Lists

Making the list is a big part of the problem. You usually want to list out the items you're likely to forget, but when you don't list it all, you end up forgetting the small things you thought you'd remember. Vitals saves you some of the time and thought in starting the list. Use a pre-made list for various types of hunting, backpacking, camping, etc., and we'll continue to add more as we come up with them.

Organize with Sections

Organization is important when you're packing anything. It doesn't matter if it's bins for a car camping trip or a backpack for an overnight mule deer hunt. With Vitals you can organize your gear into sections that make sense for you. Add as many items and sections as you need and order them however you like.

Start Packing

Once you've built your list you can start packing it. This'll turn your list into a checklist so you can toggle items as packed and keep track of how many you have left to pack.

Quick List

It doesn't always make sense to create a full on packing list. Maybe you just need a shopping list for trip Bass Pro when you're on the way. Maybe you've got some tasks you need to complete in the morning before you leave. You can use the Quick List for things that don't make sense as a packing list.