Patterns Trail Cam Logger

Patterns is an app for tracking and reporting what your trail cam sees. Track your sightings to learn what your trail cameras are telling you about game movement and specific animals.

Track Sightings

Patterns makes it easy to log specific sightings. When you log a sighting you track what game it was, which direction it was moving, and Patterns will automatically pull the historical weather info for the sighting.

Automatically Fetch Weather

Patterns will pull weather data local to the cam and the date and time of the sighting. This weather info can help you pattern your hunt areas and generally helps you understand how game interact with weather patterns.

Profile Target Deer

Once you've identified a specific animal you want to track, you can give it a name and connect it to new and past sightings. Then, when you view that profile, you can see a timeline of that animal's sightings and pattern its behavior.

Report and Learn Behavior

Profiles are great, but you can also report on specific hunt areas to see doe:buck ratios or report on individual cams to see when bucks are moving. Reports offer a lot of flexibility.